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Galactic beings of light

Appearance: There are many types or races of Andromedans, just as there are many different beings in our Milky Way Galaxy. The Galactic Federation of Light . Moreover, the Lion and Feline Beings are members of the Galactic Federation of Light. and Guest, Jay Essex on 2015-03-10 15:00:00, show guests Guest, Jay Essex, about Lilith, Annunaki, Serpolians, the Federation, Lemuria, Extraterrestrials, Ascension, gaia, Ghandi, Aramaeleous, categorized as Earth & Space, The Galactic Federation for the Milky way Galaxy is called the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but some of the races represented in our GF may call it by other names, hence the difference in the names given by the Zetas, Andromedans, etc. 5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting this galaxy. There are a wide range of entities from all over which have signed up for the Galactic Light cause. The reason some planets are not part of the White Brotherhood of Light is because some are just pure light beings – they have attained and are maintaining absolute purity, thus it is difficult for them to associate with other races/beings and not have their frequency compromised. Q: “To your knowledge is The Galactic Federation of Light fake?” A: If the Galactic Federation of Light refers to ETs like the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians and many others of a similar vibration the answer is NO. Beings Of Light: Human Angels by Mari Hall During each of our journeys , there are those inevitable moments when someone comes into our life at precisely the right time and says or does precisely the right thing. Greetings, Lightworkers and all Beings of Light. It is My Divine Purpose in this Universe to Restore Balance in the Space that I am in. Those who seek the Light within and follow it to its Source – and remain committed to the awakening to their own Light, will meet the Star Beings. Be open to who appears and who steps forward.

THANK-YOU to ALL involved with this. Unlike that which humans are used to, these beings are peaceful, loving, highly intelligent and very in tune with God and Creator Source. As they are a group of different types of beings they represent a Galactic / Universal focus and effort. Beings From Light Ship, Galactic Ship, Organic Plasma Light Ship UFO Craft, Star Ship UFO Flying In Night Sky If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration. We whales see you humanity in your continuous and seemingly never ending journey back towards the light. An "Ascended Master" is a human being who has regained full union with his "Mighty I AM Presence. Whilst the Lion Beings were the architect or the blueprint designers of the pyramids, the actual builders were the Feline Beings who physically constructed the Great Pyramid. Souls are birthed in waves. The Galactic Federation is also overseen by the Great Blue Lodge of Creation, whose wondrous Light emanates throughout this Galaxy from a major stargate located in theSirius star system. It is a fact that intergalactic space travel is real and we are part of an enormous Intergalactic Community from the very beginning of time. A primer and introduction into the Galactic Council. " An unlimited amount of love and assistance is available to those who allow themselves to receive and who empower themselves – through their own relationship to the Light.

I have been channeling online weekly for 13 years. This codex is called the Galactic Codex and represents the legal basis for all actions of the Confederation in this and other galaxies. The Galactic Federation of Light is a team of different entities and star nations that have established a group centered on a galactic force for light. They are spiritually evolved and their energy is of Love and Light, with the intent of spreading it far and wide. They are wayshowers and caretakers of consciousness, protectors of freedom, higher truth and enlightenment. The Galactic Federation of Light was founded over 4. The questions we ask in these channeling sessions are for the service of humanity and are relevant for all at this time. Download Legend of the Galactic Heroes light novel in epub / pdf The story is staged in the distant future within our own Milky Way Galaxy, approximately in the late 36th century. This Codex is not a rigid set of external laws but a systematized code of inner ethics of all souls of Light that all beings of Light accept with their free will because it reflects their inner truth. Welcome to the page of Galactic Beings, beings who come from across the galaxy and through the dimensions to These grand Beings eventually formed a League of Light whose present progeny is the Galactic Federation of Light. Remember to always ask “Are you of the light? Are you of Christ consciousness?” Of the thousands of different Galactic beings, there are so many who have fully ascended, who are fully embodying Christ consciousness, and who can serve and guide you in your ascension. For two decades she has used her gifts and abilities to work with beings in other realms and dimensions, assisting others in recognizing and releasing old patterns and helping them to live a more whole and integrated life.

"The Ashtar Command is the airborne division of the Great Brother/Sisterhood of Light, under the administrative direction of Commander Ashtar and the spiritual guidance of Lord Sananda, our Commander-in-Chief, know to Earth as Jesus the Christ. Some of the starseed languages are the channeled voices of galactic beings of light who are assisting us in healing ourselves and others. We the Galactic Federation of Light are going to offer transmissions throughout this year to support you in awakening more fully. Published on 2 February 2015' revised Wayshower Sandra Walter's Crystal Codes Sent by the Galactics Shaman Joska Soos's Paintings of Beings of Light and Sound Reiki Healing Symbols of Usui Japanese Kanji, an Alphabet Originating from Pictographs Lisa Gawlis on Messages Placed in Crystals by Guardians, with the Help of Beings of Light Alice Clagett… You are now able to connect not only with the Arcturians but other higher level beings that help with human ascension as well as the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. Christ Consciousness, again words are Translations, they are not the meaning. Since the population on Earth is human, the human civilizations within the Galactic Federation play an important role in the assistance with our ascension process. Approximately 40% are humanoids and the rest are Who are the Galactic Federation of Light? The Galactic Federation of Light is a group of over 3000 star nations who have several million ships currently surrounding planet earth. Well, some of these beings have fully invested into this world – so there are no other parts of them anywhere out there. I was under the impression that 6th density beings didn’t need a form of Message from the Galactic Federation of Light (June 25) Message from Cosmic Being Omega (May 24) 2012 Message from Wanderer of the Skies (October 26) Why a Counter on our Home Page? (September 18) September 21: Largest Global Meditation for Peace (September 18) Blossom Goodchild also speaks on the 2012 Scenario Conference (September 15) The Galactic Alignment on December 21 2012 resulted in the Light from the Central Sun ~The Photon Belt ~ The Pleiades ~to shine its Heart Based Light more Fully on the Consciousness of all Beings here on Planet Earth. What is real, and what Integration, Galactic Council of light, Ascended Masters, Ascension. During the initial colonization on Earth when the light beings first appeared, many attempted to incarnate in animal bodies to experience Earth. We will also explore how to maximize your new potential as you create your own, unique galactic society, which is quite quickly to become the foundation of your new star-nation.

But in another sense, they are born at some point. communication inter-dimensionally with Beings of Light, the universe and those that are operating in the realms of frequency and vibration. Galactic Federation of Light Forces "Let there be light" We are the 13th Tribe of Levi, members of the Galactic Federation of Light Forces. They do not change your religious beliefs, they assist you in reaching a higher connection to God, devine universal creator and raise the vibrations of Light. The Nommos are a race of Beings that takes the physical forms of dolphins, whales, mermaids/mermen. “The Galactic Federation is comprised of civilisations of ascended Beings carrying the status of Masters. It simply is. Our solar system is moving into a highly energized place in space, it is a natural cycle. With Andre, Ascended Twin Flame: An INTRODUCTION TO ASCENSION From the Book ‘Terra, Transition & Telepathy’ by Christine Preston This work provides vital information concerning the notion of ‘Ascension’ that is presently reaching a larger audience than decades ago, because of the Internet. We are all that has ever existed and all that has been birthed into form throughout time. We welcome you to breathe in this deep healing pulse we are sending from Telos to you now. It is a … concept that was The Emerald Tablets Are Housed Within The Great Temple Of Amenti, Within The Galactic Sun.

Should the New World Order occur, it will be designed to use human beings and bend them to the will of the aliens, humanity will be there to serve the alien race. Collected from the research and personal experiences of Adam Apollo, this information covers six primary council species who are assisting in the Earth Changes currently unfolding, and expands into other species within the greater Galactic Council. Approximately 40% are humanoids and the rest are varied forms of sentient beings. org There has been a consortium of beings contacting us lately from 13th dimensional beings on down. Here They Are Accessible Only To Divine Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Beings For They Have Been Protected By An Inner & Outer Force Field, Thus Retaining Their Vibrational Frequencies Through Millions Of Years. 5 million light years away in the Andromeda Galaxy. And then there are other ones that still have parts in other places. We send our message and frequencies of deep healing to surface humanity now. They are interacting with us in this time to assist us in the process of Ascension; merging spirit and matter. Through channellings, unicorn attunements, guided meditations, healings and personal messages this is an exciting opportunity to have your energy field and heart chakra worked on by these powerful loving beings of light. More light more love, more joy will be the new modus operandi. I am a trained Reiki Master, Galactic Channel and Cosmic Energy Healer.

To even “think” that the Galactic Federation of Love and Light would be anything but good and light, is …. Germain, Holy Amethyst, Lady Althea and your Legions of Angels, the Universal Energy Medical Teams, the Acturian Healers, and all the Galactic Healers. They are our extended family. THANK-YOU for AIDING and enabling the ARRESTS. Cetaceans of Sirius B, Cetacean Beings 7/22/18 We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B. At present, there are just over 200,000 member star nations, confederations or unions. However, we, the members of Gaia’s Galactic Family, will not allow Gaia to be destroyed. To Reveal what is Concealed so that you make a Fair and Balanced choice. It makes me wonder now if perhaps these experiments are also conducted in similar fashion on other planets as well. Only the Best Channeled Messages > Latest Ascension News & Healing techniques > from other Dimensions & Different Light Beings > GFL The Law of One > O < The Galactic Federation of Light, London (2019) The Galactic Federation of Light: Crystalline Reality Channel: Star Blossom WE the Galactic Beings of Light, greet you with admiration and love on this another new day. That’s called Service to Self Ascension. So what is the Galactic Federation? They are a real life intergalactic organization consisting of real live beings (like you and me) who are from 40,000 to several hundred million years more advanced than we are in consciousness and technology.

Each being, you can call them ET's, Beings of Light, Angels and so on, came directly from the One Source. Take a deeper dive into integration each month with The Pleiadian Collective. This is the multi-dimensional perspective of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. We are many. Pleiadians, Orion Council of Light, Arcturians, Andromedans and Sirians. Light Beings from Telos 10/17/18. 1K likes. T hese are just a few races that make up Our Galactic Family. Question: Could you please tell us more about the Galactic Federation. Introduction to the Galactic Federation of Light. You’ll gain access to a new Galactic Light Code and Language of Light activation as well as a channeling from The Pleiadian Collective to assist you with current energies. We can learn allot about intergalactic life, the afterlife then of divine states of being and how to purify in simple light and energy.

I would like to share with everyone an experience where I found myself being drawn into meeting with the Galactic Council for Light (GCL). According to the Daily Star the Ashtar Command are a part of this. It is on this timeline where your hearts may open to peel away the veil of forgetting and receive this information that we offer as a gift. Here he talks about the Deep State Tribunals and arrests of the dark lords, known as the annunaki, the illuminati, the cabal, and other phrases. As a result, Nidle began the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO) in 1996 which gave birth to the new religious movement MESSAGES FROM OUR GALACTIC FAMILY. I want you to know we are all born with these abilities and more. Encouraging and informing people to get ready for the coming ascension of Earth and its inhabitants to a higher dimension; and for the arrival of the Galactic beings from various star systems. 5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from They are from solar systems that are over 1 billion years ahead of ours. And as Planetary and Galactic Beings, awake to the fundamental Oneness of Life – and now inspired to establish Galactic Culture on Earth – this is our gift to ourselves. The Creator God of this Universe has said, “It is finished”. astarius miraculii i invoke, decree and dream awake the full cellular ascension of my being physical, mental, emotional, spiritual in this now with the full support of god/godess, the ascended master realm to include: our ascended master self, father st. – Caucasian Humanoids – light skin and light eye combinations with thin to muscular builds.

Beings in an Orb From Light Ship, Light Tube Beings Galactic Travelers In Light Tube Never finish a negative statement, reverse it immediately, and wonders will happen in your life. Learn to become more of your Total, true self one that spans Space/Time more than just your physical, psychological self. Some, like SaLuSa of Sirius, will tell us that they are detailed by the Galactic Federation of Light (GF) to speak on its behalf. A portion of the galaxy is filled with terraformed worlds inhabited by interstellar traveling human beings. But, whatever you want to call them, one thing is for certain…starseeds are powerful beyond measure; they shine a magnificent beacon of light and love to propel us all into the Golden Age of Dear Souls, Once upon a time, a galactic council was called and a mythic call sent out to countless light beings: the Children of the Sun, the angelic winged ones, the Sun runners, the rainbow warriors, and other luminous beings from many star systems. " It is unclear where Ashtar Command or the Galactic Federation of Light are based but its members are scattered around the world. this rules apply throughout the galaxies of planets and star systems that have evil alien control and enslaved people. Vessels made of light were shown to me though I don’t think I was capable of fully understanding what I was shown. All Divine Sentient Beings are invited to enjoy and interact here as we attain the experience of working together in Co-creating Abundance for All. This was done because there was a certain impure strain in genetic material available. The main representations you will be working with within the Galactic Federation of Light are from Sirius, Andromeda, Orion, Arcturus, Canis Major, Antares, Pleiades and know that is all. Three types of Andromedans have telepathically contacted me.

Yes, the third and lower fourth dimensional beings, as many of these destructive ones are not of humanity but from other dark planets, will destroy the lower shell of Gaia’s third dimensional Self. Many of you have connections and close kinship to the ascended masters. Sharing is the operative word that expresses everything that we do, and it is done for the good of all. Many different types of Beings from other civilizations work side by side for the Galactic Federation of Light, SaLuSa informs us. The Galactic Federation of Light (GFL), or Galactic Confederation, are an inter-dimensional council who were revealed to Sheldan Nidle by means of channeling, before 1996. i am light i want …more! this pray goes to gaia and especially to the waters in fukushima!! core family. Being Starseeds, or otherwise known as ascended human beings, you are at a benefit to connecting with your galactic family of light. Heaven intends to ‘smile’ on us and bestow on us many marvelous spiritual gifts. I will try and explain this more clearly as you are getting acquainted with a new way of thinking. Change is happening IN You* i think part of it is in this video Almost everything that i hold close to me, has been a product of negative, or dark timeswhether it is a new talent, perception, or an emotional apparatus, it has spawned from dusky times. They are blessed with Divine light and crystalline Divine consciousness. Cosmic entities, also referred to as cosmic beings, are a type of fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Nederlands Slovenskı Ελληνικά 한국어 Dansk Indonesia 日本語 Türkçe Svenska الترجمه العربيه Italiano Slovenščina Latviešu Luganda Introduction to the Galactic Federation of Light. guardians of wisdom of the solar logos, radiate the love and healing of the universal water for the anchoring of galactic culture Beings who were part human, part animal/insect were developed to perform various tasks. They possess power on a universal, multiversal or even omniversal level, far beyond those of humans or conventional superheroes, and frequently serve some natural function in the universe. He radiates a vibrant green energy and The Galactic Federation of light is an alliance of beings from across the galaxy or across galaxies. “We act on the Divine orders that direct our activities, and we are committed to helping civilisations such as yours. The Galactic Federation of Light (aka The Galactic Brotherhood Connection) is an association of over 400,000 benevolent star nations with headquarters located in the Vega solar system in the constellation of Lyra, according to the book, "Your First Contact" by Sheldan Nidle. In my view, having the ability to have discernment about: Who we are meeting, or; What we are truly participating in, are key capabilities for anyone who wishes to engage with the field of extraterrestrial activity and galactic affairs on planet Earth. When we say ‘we are Beings of Light’ what we are really saying is ‘we are Beings of Energy’. Note that Sananda is Jesus the Christ, an Ascended Master! Light Workers, Starseeds, Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, and Star Beings of Light are here to assist mankind. The energy, or light, we usually perceive is in the range of physical vibrations. There is a sense in which souls are eternal with no beginning and no end. Only the Best Channeled Messages > Latest Ascension News & Healing techniques > the galactic codex.

The Galactic Human is all about becoming the next evolution in consciousness - a Universal, multi-dimensional, galactic being. This is the group of Universal Light Beings who introduced themselves through the Goddess Light Teleconference on January 3, 2016. The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Galactic History. You will experience at the Level that you are ready for – an introduction to the Galactic Beings of Light that are assisting in our Ascensions. It is an awesome feeling when you hear from other galaxies. Long recognized in Earths mythology Lyra is attributed to be the cradle of galactic human expansion. No more will you be confined to Earth and will be one with other Galactic Beings. You will meet Beings from nearby planets, and they will take you into Space and through the Solar System to visit other planets. We are the cosmic force which is making a direct impact on humanity in these latter days. I work with beings of love and light from across the Galaxy and beyond to bring healing, insight and transformation to people’s lives. This enhances your capacity to create or actualize what is yours to be, do and have with greater ease. Introducing the Galactic Federation of Light The Galactic Federation is comprised of civilisations of ascended Beings carrying the status of Masters.

We as you know are speaking to you with pure intention to shed light on issues and send our love so you might align with wisdom and peace. Galactic Unicorn Workshop Sunday 26th February 2017 Laughing Unicorn Centre, 31 Hawkhill, Dundee DD1 5DH. We are benevolent beings of love and light called the Galactic Federation. We the Galactic Federation of Light, detected a problem here many eons ago and we took fast and appropriate steps to quarantine this entire planet, not allowing these beings to spread to other worlds that exist within the same dimension as your Earth. As a bonus (not part of the Workshop) you are invited to participate in an evening Fire Drumming Circle under the Stars to assist you ground your New Frequencies into your body and into Mother earth Advanced Connection with Galactic Star and Light Beings Meditation and Healing Galactic Monthly Meditations CRYSTAL & FLOWER ESSENCE BLEND ASTROLOGY - CRYSTAL ESSENCE BLEND 2019 WHAT IS THE SOUL? Contact As beings within the galactic confederation have evolved spiritually and made their alignment and union with the Ascended Masters, they have discovered an inner codex that regulates all inter-relationships between beings of light and their relation towards the dark forces and occupied planets. BlueRay Beings Blue ray Starseeds Angelics I have literally transformed so much this month more ontop of the huge transformations at the core of my mitochondrial being over the last year, that I no longer feel connected with my human form as I do with my higher conscious forms, the highest being my angelic form. may the galactic spiritual communication inspire the ancient navigator of the supreme holders of knowledge. While the dark cabal persists in being its usual arrogant self, we move forward dynamically, assisting our Earth allies in keeping far ahead of the cabal. And thus we are one with you as we are one with all. Dimensional Perspectives: Exist from 3D on up to 12D. Discover the secret history of our Earth as never told before. We are Light Beings who have overcome the force of evil, which is the domination of Spirit by Matter.

The 15 multi-dimensional beings are working for the graduation date as well. We welcome you, humanity to the higher frequency realms of light, of deep waters, of unconditional love. You obviously have a lot of lightships, higher dimensional beings and phenomena appearing around you, in an observable and recordable way. There are many different truths as you will learn as a multidimensional being; truth is perception. Galactic Beings, The Universe. At that time, we can introduce you to our mentors and begin the final steps to lead you to your personal Crystal Light Chambers! Then, you are to be swiftly trained to successfully live as fully conscious Beings of Light! Hallelujah! The Galactic Federation of Light was founded over 4. . So we may perceive a person as a ‘physical object’, but even the substance of the physical body is energy, and therefore part of the same spectrum as light. By: James Gilliland By Rose Rambles . Bonnie’s note: the geometric patterns they mention come through as energy transmission, but may also be sound (light language), colour, and movement (hand movements and symbols). 'She was a light, AGHARIANS - (or Aghartians) A group of Asiatic or Nordic humans who, sources claim, discovered a vast system of caverns below the region of the Gobi desert and surrounding areas thousands of years ago, and have since established a thriving kingdom within, one which has been interacting with other-planetary systems up until current times. At that time, the Galactic Federation arrived and placed a blockade of extremely high technology that we would really have no way of understanding.

Of course, humanity would prefer peace and love to war and enslavement, and soon the Galactic Federation will be able, when the time is right, to reveal themselves in a grand Disclosure. The Beautiful Many Masters, Saints and Sages, Galactic Federation, the white hats, Qanon are real. Wendy Kennedy. Their days are numbered and they are painfully aware of it. By now you are feeling and sensing many changes and many new feelings that can only be described as a lightness, as a knowing and as an expansion. Earth is Galactic ~ Nature is Galactic ~ We are Galactic Citizens, Evolving in our shared University! Do you know your Galactic Signature – Building Our Discernment About Extraterrestrial and Galactic Beings. The Galactic Federation of Light actually detected that the Secret Societies plan to sabotaged the flight of the Malaysian Airlines because the passengers are mostly scientist /engineers who have just finished developing a technology which was highly classified and top secret. The Ashtar Command are a group of volunteer beings that come from all over the Universe. These creatures are apparently sentient. The Galactic Federation is also overseen by the Great Blue Lodge of Creation, whose wondrous Light emanates throughout this Galaxy from a major Stargate located in the Sirius star system. Team Light is here to aid and administer as we move through these Great Changes. What happens during live Webinars? If you are unable to attend at the time, you can email the question in advance.

Included are the “Voices” and photographic archives of the Galactic Earth Council and the Galactics. Some of the sounds of light language mimic the voices of animals. – just observe as the petals of the Crystalline Lotus open up. well, don’t have an “English” word here! These wonderful, selfless beings, who are our own family – are here ONLY to help us do that which we cannot or haven’t been able to do ourselves. I am having such a wonderful time growing and expanding my abilities. The Councils of Light consist of Light Beings-- such as the Angels, Ascended Masters, the Ancients, and multi-dimensional energies from other universal realms-- who work closely with humanity to more fully anchor on earth . They have been patiently waiting for you to become of age and allowed to travel off-planet. To this group belong, for example, the Pleiadians and the Sirians. galactic codex consists of light beings, angels and councils the galactic codex is a set of planetary rules and safety when a planet is over-taken. These dark constellations appear before us because the light which emanates from Galactic Center shines upon these cosmic clouds, and on a clear night sky which is free from light pollution, the llama can be clearly identified in the southern hemisphere. I am a Universal Citizen and Channel. Introducing the Galactic Federation The people we’ll be listening to in this article are extraterrestrials of human origin – our space family.

As technology changes, and as we as human beings raise our conscious awareness, I believe that we will begin to see into spectrums of light, that were not visible to our human eyes, before. They consist of: An Arcturian – this is a Light Being that stands at the top of the triangle. The Galactic Federation of Light: GESARA, Lightworkers, False Flags Channel: Star Blossom Beautiful being that walk the earth. The majority of followers are in the US but there is a presence in Europe and Australia. Soundtrack I used - Electronic-Technology-Sci-Fi - One (Royalty Free Music) The Galactic Federation of Light was founded over 4. 'She was a light, Scientists claim intelligent beings could be quietly watching humankind in a 'galactic ZOO' to protect us from the distressing truth of their existence. Super Galactic Center/The Womb. The Galactic Command, comprises the Pleiadians, Vegans, Sirius and Arcturians. During the period of transition which we have entered into in January 2017 there will be a time when people who are ready for this will gain certain psychic or higher abilities to enter into communication with the beings of Light who form part of the Solar System’s Spiritual Hierarchy, as well as advanced galactic beings. Talk Show Episode, Audio Podcast, Galactic Connection: A Chat About Who We Invoke When We Call In The Light Beings and How "They" Are Different From Us. A community of enlightened beings called the Galactic Federation has protecting us from other beings who are not so nice. When this Chakra is activated, you enter the Super Galactic Center that is the Womb of the whole universe.

Place of Origin: These are our galactic neighbors, only 2. It is not fake. A space to share and document the profound wisdom which flows through channeling sessions. I recently published a video commentary on new technology, in this example in televisions, and how it is able to reveal these light spectrums. Most contacts are with the 7D, 6D, and 5D beings. Scientists claim intelligent beings could be quietly watching humankind in a 'galactic ZOO' to protect us from the distressing truth of their existence. Galactic Federation of Light Messages - Keeping the world informed on the Truth. More and more, it is essential that we as Light Workers not feel alone or isolated and that we connect with like-minded others: during each live Webinar, we are able to join together to collectively bring about the necessary world changes that will lead to our becoming fully conscious Galactic humans. The numerous ranks within the Command are comprised of Etherians, Celestials, Devas, Angels, multi dimensional ET's, Ultra terrestrials, Zoharim races, Whole Light Full Spectrum Beings, Adonim or Lords of Light, Elohi or Creator Beings, demigods, Divine Beings, Ophanim, Sirian Dolphin and Whale beings and more. a call to all beings of light - feat. Many assisting light beings and high energies are in close focus around the Earth coming into this Equinox alignment, and the lightships below radiate Lyran, Venusian, Sirian, Antarian and Canopan energies…along with many loving ones of the higher dimensional ships and soul groups dedicated to galactic ascension and so much more. It is neither light nor dark.

For that will simply be the energies that will be supportive of this worldwide upliftment. These beings are peaceful, loving, highly intelligent and very in tune with God and Creator Or perhaps you are interested and open to explore if you have a Galactic connection and would like to begin your Galactic Contact Journey of Light, Or, you would like to take it further by channelling Galactic Beings of Light in your healing profession, Or, hold Galactic Contact groups and more The Galactic Earth Council is a manual that will give you the tools to safely follow a light-filled pathway towards reconnecting with our Ultraterrestrial Star Kin. We are the light beings from the city of Telos. Nomar: I have a great deal more to tell you about the roll of the Federation, why it was created and my perspective. We will need to become more "fully conscious" beings to join the GF, which is a task that we will have help to achieve. Understanding these correspondences has many applications, to assist in individual healing, to assist in our energy work individually and collectively, so we can time our energy work with particular alignments and use specific herbs, crystals, colors of Light, connection with Light beings, etc. Lightworker souls were born long before the earth and humanity came into being. 13. The galactic history of lightworkers The birth of the soul. Sheldan Nidle Update for October 2, 2018. You Are Galactic Beings of Unimagined Proportion As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan We herald from the suns behind the suns, the light behind the light. We enjoy the knowledge and differences that other Extraterrestrials bring with them that we can all share.

Each race, civilization, and planet has a council within the Galactic Federation to represent them. REMINDER! THAT YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE – GUIDE YOUR THOUGHTS as they ARE POWERFUL. It is experience. We may have used this form of communication in other lifetimes or dimensions such as during the Golden Age of Lemuria. Gallery of Extraterrestrial and Alien Races. Sample Channel Beloved I AM Presence of all humankind, Infinite Mighty I AM Presence from the Great Central Sun, All Great Cosmic Beings and Legions of Light, All Ascended Masters, and All Angelic Host, St. The Tzolkin code 81:3 – IMIX OX, Red Electric Dragon – Ancient Trust of Nurturing Nourishment of Birthing Being – Planet Neptune together with the Crystal Elders, Solar Council, Arcturian Council plus All Councils of Light Beings, Ancient Elder Wisdom keepers etc. The Galactic Command is in waiting with its abilities and forces ready to assist humanity when need be. An "Ascended Master" is a human being who has taken the Sixth Initiation, also referred to as Ascension, and is thereby capable of dwelling on the 6th dimension. The true story you're about to read is a clue, but just a clue, as to how galactic beings conduct their demonstrations and experiments upon the planet of Earth. Some may call this the Christed Light. This will further ensure us a special place in the Galactic Federation of Light.

The Ascended Masters of Light are eternal divine brain conscious Light Beings and light body purity beyond third dimension. Can you talk about the way you experience these light beings and presences, and when you first became aware of them? The first time I saw lightships was on March 17, 2017. These beings carry the experience and wisdom necessary to invoke such a powerful law, such a powerful responsibility. When the galactic pulse comes, and it is on its way most assuredly, all will change in the blink of an eye. germane, sananda, the holy mother mary, "Atomic bombs can destroy the Earth, and the beings of your sister worlds, in a moment. Once this is done, and the Masters’ lessons given, we can set a date for the landings upon your beautiful shores. We come before you today, together as a team again to bring you more assistance in your Ascension process. During this time, I learned to recognize many, many different energy beings, spiritual masters and their messages. The Masters I have mentioned here are awesome spiritual beings and we are incredibly blessed to have such Galactic and Universal beings so readily available to us. IF this "federation" exists I guarantee you that these beings are merely demons, fallen angels, whatever kind of spiritual entity you believe is manipulative and would feed off of the psychic energy of human beings in our dimension. Channeling Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Light Beings. We of the Galactic Confederation of Light do not take such a decision lightly, especially when it involves what is known as the Grand Plan of Creation.

The Importance of the Light Body These grand Beings eventually formed a League of Light whose present progeny is the Galactic Federation of Light. Isis on ET's, Light Beings and more. Namaste Lucifer is Prime Creator of The Galactic Federation Of Light and all The Biological Beings Therein. Their mission is to bring spiritual teachings and protection to evolving planets. The cosmic Masters of the Galactic Sector and Galactic Core are now available to be contacted. But the the person who made this video may be right about Reptilians/greys and others posing as GFOL. Wendy Kennedy is an intuitive, empath, and channel. the Hope and Light we carry in our hearts. It is a place where human incarnation provides the greatest challenges and can lead to the quickest spiritual awakening. The Blue Rays, Starseeds and Light Bearers have a natural predisposition of empathy, telepathy and expanded expression to their Galactic and Light Angelic origins. Cetaceans – Whales and Dolphins are the other incarnating “alien” species that live with us right here on Earth, which means that they are not “extraterrestrial” or not of Earth, but they are alien in that they are not humanoid and walk upright and bipedal. The Galactic Family of Light are a grouping of beings representing many diverse physical and nonphysical races of beings living within the higher dimensions of light.

We each have what I call a yard stick because that is what spirit shows me while I am channeling when asked about a time line for one to start opening their abilities . The Galactic Federation of Light is a multiversal celebration of extra- and ultraterrestrial consciousness and cosmic understanding of the overlighting principles of unity and love manifest as sovereign life. Increases clarity, inner guidance and communication with galactic beings. 2,295 likes. Can you even imagine where our technology will be in 1 million years? Well this is where they are at now. About 40% of the Galactic Federation is human, the rest consists of other species and light beings. Galactic angels are the angels that help, guide, and assist you in your life as your originality belongs to the galactic life. Home Entity Messages Light Beings Are Arriving by The Tens of Thousands to Assist Lightworkers. This is Disclosure. To activate a light body is not the work of gurus and masters, it’s a way of being intended for every living being who wishes to pursue it. The Blue Rays, Starseeds and Light Bearers. We are light beings who work with sacred geometric symbols and patterns to assist in the raising of awareness on planet earth.

THANK-YOU to ALL GALACTIC BEINGS, ANGELICS and STAR FAMILIES! THANK-YOU to ALL those LOVELY LIGHT BEINGS – that CAME HERE to GUIDE US, HELP US and PROTECT US. Truly, it is a pleasure to be of service during this Great Shift. They have The Galactic Federation of Light, London, United Kingdom. We are your reflection as we are your beginning. Most members of the Our planet Earth, according to the Galactic Confederation of Light, has long been considered one of the finest spiritual schools in the universe. Selamat Jalwa (Be in righteousness) All is as before. Vero Verius Published on Feb 27, 2018 Galactic Federation of Light – OBLIGATIONS OF THE BEINGS OF THE WORLD – Channeling through Monique – We, your Brothers of Light, commit ourselves to open the path for you as long as each one of you desires to go on the journey that we will show you… They are the indigo's, the forefather's, the innovators, the galactic ones, the star ancestors, and the true teachers and inspirations of ascension. In other words the shift of the ages is taking place with the help of non-terrestrial light beings, galactic forces known as the Alliance of Light Forces. Plain, Pure Conscious Awareness. Their home world is a planet in the Sirius star system that is mostly warm aqua-blue water. In the presence of such beings, we’re being activated ourselves, brought into greater spiritual alignment and being shown we too are capable of such mastery. One only has to monitor the electromagnetic light spectrum if they need proof.

Some of the races that come from Lyra include: – Paschat – a humanoid with cat-like features and qualities. galactic beings of light

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